Floor Tiles

We have a comprehensive selection of floor tiles on display, available in a wide choice of colours and formats. Nearly all of our ceramic wall tiles have a floor tile as part of the same range. Whilst ceramic tiles can provide a perfectly suitable and beautiful wall covering they are not best suited to be used on floors. The accompanying floor tiles are invariably made from the much tougher substance porcelain. As part of a set they are often limited in size to the standard square 33cm x 33cm.

Whilst this may provide the desired result for some, others may wish to have tiles of a larger format on the floor. For this reason we would normally recommend porcelain as the best solution for the floor, especially in areas of high traffic such as the kitchen, hallway and all areas directly accessible from outdoors.

Due to the properties of porcelain it is ideal for use on both floor and wall. Many of the tiles are also suitable for outdoor applications such is the strength of the material.

We currently have on display tiles ranging from 10x 10cm to 90cm x 45cm.

We have the tiles, the choice is yours...


Floor Tiles
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