Porcelain Tiles

What is so special about porcelain?

Porcelain tiles have many practical advantages over natural stone tiles. The process of making porcelain differs from that used to make the the standard ceramic tile and results in a substance that has one of the "hardest" finishes known to man. They are extremely durable and virtually non absorbent. This means that there is very little maintenance unlike the natural products that porcelain imitates so well. It is becoming more and more difficult to tell the difference between porcelain and natural products as the technology and techniques used to make them improves year on year.

Imagine the beauty of a natural stone floor without the hassles of annual sealing, cleaning and re-sealing. Not only is this an added expense but how many of us can live without the use of our kitchen for the time it takes to carry out this process?

With porcelain you get the best of both worlds, extremely hard wearing and beautiful at the same time. Of course imitating natural products is only one of the things porcelain does so well. What porcelain can offer that natural products cannot is a seemingly endless array of new ideas that can help enhance any living space you care to imagine.

Porcelain has something to offer everyone!

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